Inviting Fido or Fifi To Your Wedding – dogs at weddings.

When two people get married, it is often not only the union of husband and wife, but the union of husband, wife and dog(s).

Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate your furry friend into your wedding without going overboard.

Wedding Day Photos

   Wedding Photo with Dog in Bow TieWedding Photo - Dog Paw

Our Tips:

* Talk this idea over with your photographer and make sure he/she is comfortable with snapping shots including your dog.

* Designate a dog-watcher and only include your dog in a FEW photos. You don’t want to eat up all of your photography time trying to get your dog to smile for the camera. Get that one “money shot” and let your dog be a dog.

Wedding Photos with Dog


Here Comes the Bride Golden Retriever Here Comes the Bride Boxer Dog

Our Tips:

*Unless your dog is a very mellow-fellow (and very well trained) don’t give him the uber-important task of carrying the rings. They could fall off before the ceremony and even worse get swallowed! I know many grooms who don’t trust the best (hu)man to be in charge of this task. 😉

*Give your doggy a human escort! Regardless of what your dog’s role is in the ceremony, have a bridesmaid or groomsmen walk him/her down the aisle. While you may have practiced having your four-legged friend trot down the aisle solo, a wedding ceremony packed full of people can an be overwhelming environment.

* Have plan for after the ceremony. Does your venue allow dogs? Who will watch and clean up after him/her? It may be best to setup a ride home for your pooch after the ceremony if you want to party on into the night.

Labrador Ring Bearer Dog

Engagement Announcements – Save The Dates – Thank You Cards

Save The Dates - French Bulldog Thank You Cards with Dog

Our Tips:

* Choose ONE of these ideas to pop in the mail to guests. You don’t want to go totally dog crazy!

Engagement Announcement - Dog

In most cases it is less stressful for YOU, and your furry friend to leave him/her at home for your actual ceremony/wedding. Incorporating Fido or Fifi into wedding photos and mailed notes can be just as special.

Here at Lakeside Gardens we are animal lovers and  welcome you to include your pet in your ceremony. We do have a lake and swans so a leash is required. For the sake of your pooch we ask that you have a plan for someone to pick him or her up after the ceremony and take them to someone’s home…we don’t like to see dogs left in cars and cannot allow your furry friend inside the venue.


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